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Course Description – Customer Service Training course will discuss the principles that will ensure businesses and employees are providing excellent service to their customers. The class is broken down into 10 chapters where different concepts of customer service and how to incorporate them into real world will be taught.

Why is it important?
Customer Service is the backbone of all businesses. It can make or break an organization. Customer service is more than smiling and saying hello and thank you, there is so much more to it than that. It should be incorporated into every aspect of an institution. Businesses that embrace a customer service culture will experience success with an increase in growth and profits. The concept of customer service is simple, yet it is rare to find exceptional service. Only through training and understanding key components of customer service can an organization truly practice customer service.

Who should take it?
Anyone who owns a business, supervisors, front-line staff, and works with people. All employees in an organization will benefit from taking this course because customer service is everyone’s responsibility.