About ZI


Zachariah Institute is an online educational institute that offers video courses that are comparable to being in a classroom. It was founded on the principle that professors will provide instruction in different subject areas to help students prepare for exams that are required for admission into healthcare programs, community college placements, and professional board licenses. We also provide business courses for individuals who would like to obtain essential knowledge and skills in different areas to prepare them for success.

Entrance exams are a critical component of admission criteria for many healthcare programs such as nursing. Many of the student’s dreams and goals for a better future relies heavily on how well they do on these exams. Students usually fail entrance exams merely because they do not recall some of the subject matter they took in class. Zachariah Institute was founded to provide a review of all the topics on entrance exams for students to obtain the score that is needed for admission.

Community Colleges usually require a placement exam in order to place students into the appropriate English and Math courses. Placing into the lowest level of Reading, Writing, and Math would mean having to take several developmental courses before even reaching college level classes which costs money, time, and financial aid eligibility in the future. Our focus is to help students review the materials on the test to place into higher level classes.

The goal of Zachariah Institute is to provide dynamic courses where professors are reviewing and explaining the topics that are on the exam in an online environment that gives students the freedom and flexibility to prepare anywhere, at any time. We want our students to learn in a classroom setting from the convenience of their own home at their own pace.

With the rising cost of tuition and living expenses, we want to make sure that our courses will not be a burden to students and are affordable without sacrificing quality and excellence. We are committed to ensuring a great experience because our student’s success is Zachariah Institute’s number one priority.


Vision: To provide the best educational courses that will prepare students for success.

Mission: Zachariah Institute strives to provide the best educational video courses that will train and prepare students to achieve their goals and be successful in a global environment. The courses will provide a quality classroom experience online that is dynamic, convenient, and affordable.