Course Preview (Coming Soon)

Course Description – ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Prep consists of 3 courses: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

Mathematics is broken down into 3 parts: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math. The courses are broken down into different chapters where a professor for each subject will review and explain the materials that are expected to be on the ACCUPLACER test. There will be quizzes at the end of each chapter and 2 practice exams at the end with answers and rationale.

ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Test is used by colleges to determine your placement into English and Math courses. Placing into the lowest level of Reading, Writing, and Math would mean you have to take several developmental courses before you would reach college level which will cost money, time, and financial aid eligibility in the future. You must prepare and do well so you can place into college level courses. Keep in mind, most colleges will only allow two attempts in one year, so it is crucial to prepare even before the first attempt, so you still have another chance to raise your score.

The ACCUPLACER Next-Generation is a set of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math tests that help determine college-level course placement. All ACCUPLACER tests use a multiple-choice format. There’s no time limit on the tests, so you can focus on doing your best to demonstrate your skills. ACCUPLACER uses the latest computer-adaptive technology and the questions you see are based on your skill level. Your response to each question drives the difficulty level of the next question so it’s important to give each question as much thought as you can before selecting your answer.

When do I take it?
ACCUPLACER is offered throughout the year. Many high school students take it in their senior year or shortly after graduation. As you get closer to the start of semester, the more crowded the testing centers are so it is best not to wait till the last minute.

How much does it cost?
Most institutions will offer it for free the first time. If you require a second attempt, there is usually a charge which will depend on the institution.